COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis

30 06 2010

Jacob showed us this video which is AMAZING. And the website is just spot on.


Book Jacket Redo

30 06 2010

Sarah has been watching Bravo’s “Work of Art” and one of the challenges was a book jacket redesign which we are doing in class.

Neutra Face and Lady Gaga

30 06 2010

Amy showed us this music video parody of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face using Neutra Face. This is high type nerdery and fantastic. Be careful, you’ll beĀ  singing it all day!

Graffiti Artist

24 06 2010

Ashley showed us a movie for Art 21 on The theme is “Home” and the artist is Barry McGee. Our class working on a graffiti project right now so it’s especially meaningful.

Free After Effects Tutorials

23 06 2010

Chis shared his favorite after effects tutorial website Can’t wait to dive into this!

Inspiration for Entrepreneurs

23 06 2010

Chris showed us this video which is really lovely and makes you wanna start a business.

Animator vs. Animation II

22 06 2010

If you’ve seen the original animation by Alan Backer, check out his new one!